Split Polymer Labyrinth Seal (SPLS)

Unitized, Noncontact Seal for Bearing Protection

The Chesterton® patent-pending Split Polymer Labyrinth Seal (SPLS) is
a noncontact, split bearing seal for splash-lubricated bearing protection
in large pumps, gearboxes, and other rotating equipment. This split seal
reduces installation time while outperforming conventional lip seals in operation.

Letteratura e fogli dati

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A split, noncontact design that reduces installation time and minimizes downtime for critical equipment
Reduces the chances of fretting caused by lip seals
Keeps lubrication in and seals out external contamination
Unitized design and durable material provide easy, reliable installation
Materiale (denominazione) Size Range mm (inch) Temperatura ˚C (˚F) Speed m/s (ft/min)* Eccentricità mm (inch)
AWC800 (EU)
50 – 508
(2 – 20)
-40 – 93
(-40 – 200)
*Contact engineering for speed beyond these limits.